Jul 21

So I’m just in from my second-first time at Orange Theory Fitness. I’m alive, my sinuses have flared up, my ankles are screaming, but I’m okay. I made it; there was one point when I wasn’t sure I would. Seriously, I think I passed out for 0.2 seconds during the last “All Out” on the treadmill.

The really cool summary email beat me home (not surprised, considering the time it took me to walk the 50 ft to my car after). And my numbers were not bad. If I had planned my day (meals) better I probably would have had a little bit of an edge. I burned 489 calories and earned 24 splat points. Not bad for my second-first time.

The reason I wanted to write this is because another blogger spoke the greatest truth in response to any anxiety one might feel about working out in a group session with all your numbers posted for the world (and passers by) to see. Here is what Kerry said in a post on her blog “Snark & Pepper” back in May of 2015.

“No One Gives a Crap How Much You Suck

They make it very clear when you sign up that no one in the class is going to pay attention to you. I thought my level of suckitude would surely draw attention, but so far I’ve gotten hardly a glance from anyone. Everyone else is trying not to die as well, so they are totally unaware of anything you do.”

I laughed so hard, as hard as I could after 1 solid hour of “Base, Push, All Out” that I knew I had to share this. Please read her informative blog post and start your own journey at your Local Orange Theory Fitness location. Best thing is – the first class is free – so you have nothing to lose except maybe few hundred calories!

–> Your turn <–