Jun 26

In my daily conversation with my mom today, she reminded me that I should not put all my eggs in one basket. Yes, we were talking about money and banks and bank accounts and banking. But then she flipped it on me. My mom, if anyone knows my mom or knows of my mom – will flip anything at any moment. She has been known to turn a quiet evening into a rousing evening of laughter, sore abs and fatigued cheeks. That is just what she does and I love her for it.

So back to the eggs; Momma said…Eggs, money or men – make sure you keep an extra basket or two around. Because if one basket is stolen, or gets dropped you won’t lose all your eggs. wait a minute – did she say men? I asked, then, I hollered,then I belly laughed. And through it all, her voice remained as serious as if she had just broken down the secret to life. (Well, maybe she had)

Now, I know many of us have our loyalties and affinities to certain brands, foods, cities, cars, platforms, political parties, teams, etc; but sometimes you have to diversify. I’m almost done with the first book in a trilogy that is meant to clear the path to entrepreneurship to those who are willing to put in the work. And this “system” has already presented me with more baskets than I currently have eggs. So, my plan is to gather as many baskets as I (and my team) can right now; put at least 3 eggs in each basket until they hatch and move forward from there.


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  1. Nnena Nchege

    This is a great article. Very much needed today more than ever. Sound advice. Thanks for sharing. n


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