Jun 30

So I just “threw together” a logo for a new connection from WWC-Atl. She needed something for her blog for twitter and beyond. By the time I saw her request I wasn’t sure if she had what she needed/wanted so I DM’d her (it’s going down in the DM – design that is…) and she said she already had something but wanted to see my work in case anyone else asked for a designer she could refer me. Long and short of it, I ended up sending over something I pulled together relatively quickly. Unlike coding, I have been doing design for almost 20 years now, so it is the next closest thing to breathing for me.

About 45 minutes later I slacked her over a png; we went back and forth a little and ends up she liked it. Yes, she really liked it and now it’s on her Twitter page (@CommEngReport). Check it out and let me know what you think on Twitter @ReginaMalloy.

Oh yeah, let me explain the title of this post. I had wrapped up the logo in a couple of different formats for my client; (aside: this is something every bonafide designer should provide when you pay for a logo design. Be sure to mention it upfront if they don’t and ask that they include any fees for providing any formats you may need.) I put them in a Dropbox and emailed the link to her (per her request). Then I slacked a short message and included the link again – just in case she wasn’t looking at her email so I could get immediate feedback. It worked out well.

But I titled this post “Help? Anyone?” because about 3 minutes later she asked me what the file formats were and I quickly typed up 1-line plain English descriptions in slack. Then it hit me that this could be my contribution to the Code Community. While there are a lot of Coders who started out as Designers, there are plenty more than don’t know a pixel from a pica. POP QUIZ! Just kidding and I’m certainly not judging. That brings me to my regenius idea: I’m going to ask the folks on the slack channel if they have any design questions. Maybe I’ll do it in an Office Hours like format from 6-7 on Tuesdays. Wonder if this is something I can do on Twitter. I’ve been on there a lot since the conference and I’ve learned so much. “Business happens at the speed of Twitter”

I’ll see how it goes, I just want to help others.